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ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty ValidateEntity not present in version 2 is there any other supporting method to force user dynamic validation so that he is on that screen block


Hi ,
I was going through the above document but while implementing ValidateEntity i could not found the override method in my dll (Assembly ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty.dll, v2.0.50727).
Basically i wanted to validate some data and then only allow user to add the images like to check if the user selects Landscape then allow only Landsacpe image we can get the width and height of image and check that but this version is not having a ValidateEntity is there any other override in the above dll that take cares of this. It is little urgent........

Is there any other work-around in the current dll which forces the user to stay on the page if some validation fails in the edit mode as there was ValidateEntity in older version of the dll v1.6.3 as per the doucment on the portal.

Basically i have to give user a radio button facility showing Landscape and Portrait image upload's now once user clicks ADD NEW IMAGE it will check the width and height of Image against the selected Radio button value if both matches i.e. user selects Landscape and Width is more then height then allow user to upload the image else force him to be on the page. Which currently i cannot figure out how to handle the reason being the method ValidateEntity is not there.

In General if you could send me some code MultiplePropertyBase which allows users to stay on the block if validation fails. I no there is required attribute but i needed something dynamic.

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Croweman wrote Feb 25, 2013 at 12:21 PM

Hi Virenda

There is no version v2.0.5072. Maybe your web application or class library project is not being build against the correct .Net framework as the .Net generics do not seem to be working for you?


wrote Feb 25, 2013 at 3:03 PM

virendrasharma wrote Feb 25, 2013 at 3:03 PM

     I am afraid you are right the version is and what i added in above description was the Runtime version. Hence i believe if i take the latest version download which has the documentation in place and i assume it will be correct i can use the validate entry method.
I was bit of concern that my site is already gone live with the older version of and i was requested to carryout some enhancements on the specific modules. I then explored for the ElencySolutions on the .NET and started my enhancements. I feel if i replace the higher version 1.6. xxx whatever mentioned in the website it will not break my application i feel the higher versions should take care of the same but anyways i need to try that.

One more basic query i have can i have multiple DocumentList defined for a single Episerver Page as two properties. I tried that and it allows but for some strange reasion when i click Add New Image button both the blocks should show me seperate set of fields but they are showing me the same the DocumentList one basically the Document Page field. I have made a MediaDocument Page also and added some more controls and wanted to add some validation hence i raised the first call but since you pointed out correctly the version might be wrong i feel you can give me some inputs were i might be goind wrong. I am attaching a zip version of my library and some images of episerver so you can have a look on it provided you get some time. The images presently are not showing the Add New Image button for the other MediaDocument class but it was visible earlier may be something in the file i did wrong and it stopped showing me the button yeah i remember i changed to MedaiDocument instead of Document and it stopped. But my main concern was if we click MediaDocument Add New Image Link it should show me the MediaDocument related fields and not the Document related page fields. I no somewhere i might be going wrong but since very new cannot figure out. I would really appericate if you can spent some time and give your valuable inputs then it will be nice. I have registered the documents or blocks in composer edit and there also i could not see the Add New Image button but i am not provided a screen-shot for that. In case you require something more let me know. The project is little confidential i hope you will keep this to you only.........

There is a limitation of upload hence i have send only the required files. Kindly check the MediaDocumentList folder and DocumentList Folder since i feel something wrong i have done there......

Thanks & Regards
Virendra Sharma