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Add New Image should add documents on top


Hi Croweman,
               I am using the latest ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty dll (1.6.3) . I have went through the usage docuemnt. Actually there is one change request in my project it requires certaing fields to be disabled based on a check box value i.e. if Email Alert is checked only then alllow Email Content block to be enabled. I am not pretty sure we can achieve this you the example provide in usage documentation. We can definately give user a message other way round stating Email Content is filled provided the Email Alert checkbox is checked using the ValidateEntry method. But i wanted to know whether can we disable a control inside the Validate Entry method is it possible the control belogns to Edit Mode of episerver cms6 r2  How you have shown example of Image Gallery i have a similar Document gallery with lot of controls for each document and email fields are part of this indvidual document ? 
The second thing i am using the Add New image functionality there is request from my users that when we addd Images or documents they come down. Hence if the webeditor adds 100 such images or documents he has to scroll down. What they require if we click Add New Image it should show that record on the top the newly added. Is this possible at first place ?
I know they can click on the Sort arrow and bring that image on top but that is not feasible it number of records are more that 20 odd or 50. Do you have any suggestions or i will advice the users that they have to live with it. Basically they need this in the Edit mode hence i cannot put any logic had it been in view mode i could have used genric list and put some sorting logic. What are your thoughts ... .

I have just added my base classes with Document Structure in general .

Any inputs for both the above queries will be highly appericated in advance.


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virendrasharma wrote Mar 25, 2013 at 11:12 AM

Hi Guys,
      Any inputs on above will be apperciated.